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VEVENTS LIMITED is a company catering to established and emerging artists within the music industry worldwide.

Charlie is a highly-qualified and trusted individual, continuing to live up to his name as a well-respected professional in the creative industry, a name he has earned after working closely with major labels as well as directly with artists for over 15 years.


Charlie provides a secure service ensuring the artist and their vision always come first. To help make this happen, VEVENTS is made up of a collective of professional creatives who specialise in the key factors of live touring - production management, tour management, sound engineering, lighting design, touring packages, IEM systems and more.


VEVENTS work with artists at every stage. As well as working with world-renowned artists, we help to develop emerging artists, providing budget and planning advice whilst nurturing their creative visions at every stage of their careers.


VEVENTS exists to support artists in making their wildest creative visions come to fruition. With the right team, anything is possible.'

We are able to tailor a your show or tour to your creative needs, whether this is just a simple service based role, or a complete audio package, we have you covered. Check out our audio control page for more info.


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